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Cevapi that Tito Enjoyed



Leskovac barbecue has been prepared the same way for the last half of the century and it is made of pure beef. It is very important to let the meat stand for 48 hours, after which it should be seasoned with salt and left for another 24 hours before it's ready for the grill.

Traditionally, it is grilled on a specific type of grill, skara, with charcoal. According to a popular legend, the first Leskovac cevap (a type of kebab, grilled rolls of ground meat) was made by Dragi Bure, a grill master from Leskovac, about fifty years ago. He took the best quality cuts of beef and cut them into tiny pieces. Back then there were no meat grinders, so he chopped the meat manually. The people liked it, and very soon everyone in Leskovac and beyond accepted that method of preparing this dish.

Incidentally, Moidrag Gligorijevic, also known as Dragi Bure, was a manager at Kumbara Restaurant, and during his time there Kumbara was the place where one could find the best Leskovac grill around, and that tradition is still alive today..

First guests of the restaurant had the pleasure of trying his specialities. Such inspiring stories were widely told of his culinary skills, that during that time eminent guests from Belgrade and old Yugoslavia asked Bure to prepare his famous grill specially for them.

There is a well known story about a time when, in a special plane that was flying the Queen of Britain to the Brionian Islands, there was Bure with some charcoal and good quality meat. There was no room for improvisations, and the results were extraordinary. The famous guest wanted to meet the man who prepared such a delicious dinner.
Josip Broz Tito
“I think that it was not just a display of courtesy and respect toward the host. The Queen, Princess Anne and Prince Philip were all honestly delighted, and they expressed a desire for me to prepare them a barbecue once more in Belgrade, before they left Yugoslavia.", Dragi Bure said, recalling the first parties of politicians and diplomats who enjoyed his cevapcici, skewers and other specialities.

 He also prepared barbecue for Kadar, Gerek, Brezsnyev, Brant, Nixon, Giscard d’Estaing, Carter and many others.

“All my guests ate with pleasure, but please write down that stories about some special secret recipe are not true. As my grandfather, who taught me the craft of cooking, used to say – the most important things are love for your job, good beef, and hospitality.", Dragi Bure said.